April 8th, 2017

Ready to run? Register for our 5K or Half-Marathon today. You'll get a great looking shirt to wear.
Oh, and for you real runners - we're USATF certified.

  • 5K // Memorial Run

    The original, classic, vintage, time-tested KGR route. It's tradition!


  • 13.1 // Run the West

    For the true champions. Go the extra mile(s).


Why We Run

In 1984, a family lost their son in a fatal car accident.

Thirty years later, we continue to remember that son – Kirk Goodwin – in hosting this event while raising funds to support local medical needs. We believe KGR has great potential in the Abilene community, and greater potential in the west Texas area. Because of our sponsors, charitable donors, and runners, The Kirk Goodwin Run has been providing financial and emotional support to families struggling with significant medical expenses. Over the years, we have raised nearly $200,000.00 for families in need. We would be honored and value your continued support as we expand on our successes to benefit our community in the future.


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Serve With Us

The Kirk Goodwin Run was started by a group of young men who wanted to continue their brother's mission to keep God first, others second, and self last. If you're interested in walking with us in our mission to further this legacy of service - contact us. Every bit of help gives us more opportunity to grow the KGR and serve more people.
Plus, we think we're fun to work with.

What a blessing you have given us today. Thank you for remembering Lindsey. We continue to be amazed by the work God is doing through her memory...we want to use these funds to give other young people the opportunity to touch the world through student travel and study abroad, mission work, and theater arts. Your wonderful gift will multiply those opportunities.

– Todd Smith


Kristen Taylor, is newly married and in her early twenties. She used to work the NICU at Hendrick, but due to kidney disease, she was forced to pursue a transplant. Her newly transplanted kidneys is already diseased. The doctors say it’s a slow progressing thing, but it does not seem to be acting that way and in some of her visits the diagnosis is that the new kidney might not have long left. Kristen is now trying experimental treatments to stop the advancement of the disease - chemo, higher steroids, plasma paresis, etc. Kristen has no short term or long term insurance due to inability to work. Either way it’s still a preexisting condition.

Can't Run